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Being the Observer.

Today’s message is all about being the observer.

You may hear that often such as in meditation or yoga classes, to just simply observe your thoughts as if they are clouds drifting by in the sky.

But why do we WANT to be the observer?

Well, time spent as the observer allows us to detach from the stories or expectations that may steal our peace in any given situation.

Being the observer also allows us to step back and see the said experience from a higher perspective, kind of like from a birds eye view!

In just simply allowing yourself to witness the thoughts and emotions that may rise at any given moment, you release all judgements on yourself and from this place, can cultivate a beautiful practice of unconditional SELF LOVE!

Loving yourself amongst the thoughts or emotions that in the past caused self judgements is how you can heal and rewrite outdated beliefs or behaviors that no longer serve you.

Think back to a time (maybe even recently) where you got lost in the tornado of emotions or turbulent thoughts, and it just kept spiraling down deeper and deeper and deeper until you exhausted yourself completely…

What if next time something triggered this common reaction, you used your newfound awareness to acknowledge the thought or emotion, allowed yourself time to pause… then moved into a state of observation for the time being.

The thoughts and emotions are still there for you to feel and witness, but it then becomes a flow of energy rather than allowing your energy to get stuck or stagnant in that same outdated pattern / story (yet again!)

Remember, awareness is key. Simply having the awareness that you CAN be the observer will provide profound healing benefits to your mind, body and spirit connection.

Affirm: “I observe my thoughts and emotions with loving compassion and allow myself to respond from a place of inner wholeness.”

And so it is.



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