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Full Moon Journaling to Let Go

Full Moon’s are all about letting go, reviewing and choosing to shift or redirect your point of focus. Let me give you an example: Let’s say you planted a seed of intention to manifest something in your life and you’ve yet to experience it in the physical. It could be that there is a part of you that is holding on to the belief that doesn’t serve your manifestation. It could be a belief that you are not worthy to receive, or it could be based around fear of change or simply a subtle energy that you are vibrating at that isn’t aligning you to your manifestation. In truth, you are the creator of your reality. When something is not in alignment and you feel stuck or disappointed, use that as fuel to look within and observe what could be holding you back. The Universe is always supporting our intentions, but it is US who gets in the way of aligning to the manifestation that your angels and spirit guides are so excited to gift you with. On this day, I want you to free-write in your journal what you are manifesting, then on another page write down what is holding you back or keeping you from manifesting those deep desires of yours. THEN, you’ll write: I let go of __________(Example: I let go of doubt and worry) You’ll be shocked at what your subconscious shares with you!Remember, it’s the awareness that is KEY in choosing how to shift your vibration. Once you are ready, feel free to take the “I let go of _____” paper and burn it safely or shred it and throw it in the trash as a symbolization that you are truly letting go of what doesn’t serve you. It is a powerful tool to use around the time of the full moon, try it out! In letting go you find peace.In letting go, you make space to LET in what you do desire. You are so loved.
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