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To Create Change: The Awareness Journal

Most people I know who are my age had a diary growing up.

I know I did.

I would write diligently in it describing the details of my day. When I look back over my entries at a later age, I never really discover anything earth shattering in them except that I notice I had more of a tendency to write in my diary when I was unhappy.

Sometimes I would skip days or even weeks at a time. But when I picked it up again to write, it was always about some experience that bothered me or I was angry about. Well at least that was cathartic as I was able to release some negative feelings to hopefully feel better.

The kind of journaling I’m talking about today is where you have a notebook and a pen, and you simply allow yourself a period of 15 or 20 minutes a day to write with NO AGENDA. This becomes the crucial piece in this process of discovering what your subconscious wants you to know and have awareness of so you can then decide how you want to handle it.

If you take this time every day for a week to write with no agenda, you will find that your subconscious mind puts out information, memories, thoughts and incidents that it feels you’re ready to deal with. If you allow yourself to journal every day in this manner as I recommend to my clients, you’re able to see a pattern emerge of what issue or topic is now ready to come to the forefront.

Remember that your subconscious stores certain memories until it feels the time is right. For clients that have been severely sexually or physically abused, there are often large gaps in their memories to protect them from a flood of information they’re not ready to deal with.

Once you decide you’re ready to remember, the very act of you sitting down to write each day is a cue to your subconscious that you’re now ready to see it. It’s helpful to talk with a coach, therapist or mentor that you can run this information by so you can then do the healing work.

Are you ready to spend some time each day to see what message is ready to be revealed? Try it and let me know what you find. Remember, the key is to write with no agenda!! Just let what you need…show up and be seen!

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