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Counseling & Coaching with Petey

"Today, I embark on a soul journey to awaken my true potential!"

- Petey Silveira

Past-life Regression Therapy

Laser Coaching Sessions

A laser coaching session is a focused and condensed form of coaching that aims to achieve specific outcomes within a short period of time. The term "laser" in this context signifies the precision and efficiency of the coaching approach, much like a laser beam that focuses on a specific target.

In a laser coaching session, Petey and the client work together to address a particular issue, goal, or challenge. These effective 30-minute laser coaching sessions target your present issues and help you understand your present circumstances to make positive changes and take action, based on clear priorities.


Three 30-Minute Sessions $600
Five 30-Minute Sessions $900

Laser Coaching with Petey

Here are 7 key aspects of a laser coaching session:

1. Clear Objective:

The client brings a specific objective, question, or area of focus to the session. It could be a challenge they are facing, a decision they need to make, or a goal they want to achieve. The coach helps the client clarify and articulate the desired outcome.


2. Active Listening: 

The coach actively listens to the client, asking powerful questions and seeking to understand their perspective, beliefs, and emotions. This helps the coach gain insight into the client's situation and identify any underlying factors that may be contributing to the challenge.


3. Goal Setting:

The coach and client work together to define a clear and specific goal or outcome for the session. This helps to create a shared understanding of what the client wants to achieve and ensures the coaching session remains focused on that objective.


4. Exploration & Insight:

Through skillful questioning and discussion, the coach helps the client explore different perspectives, uncover limiting beliefs or assumptions, and gain new insights into their situation. This exploration aims to broaden the client's thinking and generate possibilities for action.


5. Action Planning:

Based on the insights and clarity gained, the coach collaborates with the client to develop a concrete action plan. This plan may involve setting specific goals, identifying steps or strategies, and establishing accountability measures to support the client's progress.


6. Motivation & Support:

The coach provides motivation, encouragement, and support to the client throughout the session. They help the client build confidence, overcome obstacles, and stay committed to taking action toward their desired outcome.


7. Closure & Next Steps:

Towards the end of the session, the coach and client summarize the key insights, actions, and commitments made. They ensure that the client feels empowered and equipped to move forward after the session. The coach may also discuss follow-up steps or offer resources to support the client beyond the session.

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Past-life Regression Therapy

What is Past Life Regression?

I was trained in past-life regression therapy by Dr. Brian Weiss, author of Many Lives, Many Masters. This work takes place in hypnotherapy, where the client goes back to a past life and speaks about their experiences in that lifetime. The theory of reincarnation is that the soul, upon the death of the body, comes back to earth in another body. Essentially, it is the belief that the soul is reborn in a new body. Suppose adverse events happened in a previous lifetime and left a harmful imprint on cell memories carried over into this lifetime. In that case, the event may have created symptoms that have clients seeking therapy today. I have written a book, Stepping Into My Happiest Lifetime, about a former client who found healing using this method.


Clients do not have to believe in past lives to achieve healing from this experience. Dr. Carl Jung teaches us about the collective unconscious. He believes that each person can tap into their unconscious to access their stories as metaphors, and the metaphors will create healing for that person. I can guide clients through the dysfunction that took place and got stuck in their cell memories. Past-life regression work is a viable option even for clients who do not believe in past lives. The power of the process is you decide whether or not this is an avenue of healing you want to explore.

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Past lives have helped some unlock trauma, explain anxiety, and even given context to a disease they are living with today. 

Past-Life Regression Testimonials

“I have been interested in past lives for as long as I can remember. When my therapy seemed stalled and my reactions to a very deep emotional loss were in no way abating, Petey suggested I might want to try past life therapy. I jumped at the chance, as many years ago I had read the book Many Lives Many Masters and was totally fascinated. I wanted to explore the past. My first journey was to a terrible life, as were all of the next 4 or 5 trips. Finally, we went to my happiest life and there I had a monumental breakthrough. I was married to my soul mate, the love of my life today, who had, unfortunately, committed suicide 5 yrs. earlier and for whom I could not get past the grief. Also, I had a daughter who was, in this life, my current man friend. My happy life brought great joy and ultimately many tears as my husband died early and I apparently grieved for the next 200 years. When it was time to jump to the resting place, I was asked if I was ready to forgive him for dying and 200 years later, I still said NO; very definitely and very definitely-NO. We went back there again another day and I finally agreed to forgive my husband of 200 years ago for dying in a riding accident. The most interesting thing about his was my therapy journal. Prior to that seminal moment of forgiveness, my journal was filled with anger, hurt, recriminations and blame to myself for not seeing what was happening.

- Leslie Glogau, Altamonte Springs, FL

“For as long as I can remember I have wanted to learn and explore a past life regression. I read several books from Brian Weiss, found a wonderful therapist I could trust and finally got the courage to book an appointment. After two Past-life regressions, I must say that I wished I had done this a long time ago. The memories and life scenes that present themselves during the past-life regressions are meant to heal and to move you beyond past memories, which can be happy or difficult. With each session, I could immediately see correlations to issues with my marriage and/or other relationships. Being guided and later discussing the events with Petey are another bonus. Her healing voice, her impartial views and deep desire to discover your happiness is another rewarding gift. I can’t wait to continue to explore more past-lives and to continue to develop the true, beautiful person that I can be. I would highly recommend a past-life regression with Petey to anyone wanting to discover their true self. She has truly found her calling as a healer in this lifetime.”

- Carly, Longwood, Fl

Past Life Regression Counseling

Past-life regression is a therapeutic technique that aims to access and explore memories and experiences from previous lifetimes. I have done thousands of regressions to date and I will guide you through the entire process.

All regressions will be done virtually. This is energetic work that can be done from the comfort of your home.


Cost: $2,500

Duration: 3- 4 Hours

If you purchase the Soul Learner Course, you will receive 20% OFF the Past-Life and Between-Life Regression.

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"After two Past-life regressions, I must say that I wished I had done this a long time ago."

What to expect...

1. Preparation:

The session begins with an intake which is a discussion between us. This is typically 40 minutes and includes your background, homeostasis, and intentions you have for your regression. I discuss any specific issues or questions you want to explore and address any concerns or expectations. I will explain the process and set the tone for a safe and supportive environment. The intake helps me to understand your past to the degree that I can be your best guide for your regression.

2. Relaxation & Induction:

I will guide you into a state of deep relaxation through techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, and visualization. The purpose is to quiet the conscious mind and access the subconscious, where past life memories reside.

3. Regression Journey:

Once in a relaxed state, I will guide you back to several ages in your childhood using age regression and take you back through the womb and your birth through a series of visualizations and prompts. You will find your pathway back in time as I use guided imagery which eventually takes you back to explore memories, impressions, emotions, and sensations associated with past life experiences.

4. Exploring Past Lives:

You are encouraged to trust your intuition and let the subconscious mind reveal past life memories. You may experience vivid imagery, sensations, and emotions, or even hear inner voices that provide insights into past life experiences. I will supports and guide you through the process, asking questions to deepen the exploration and encourage further insights.

5. Resolution & Integration: 

Once past life memories have been explored, I will help you integrate and process the experience. This may involve discussing the spiritual themes, emotions, and lessons from the past life and relating them to your present current life challenges or patterns. The intention is to bring about healing, understanding, and personal growth.

6. Closing & Reflection:

Towards the end of the session, you are guided back to a fully alert and grounded state. We will discuss the experiences, reflect on the insights gained, and address any emotions or feelings that arose during the regression. This reflection helps integrate the past life journey into your present life.

It's important to note that past life regression is a subjective experience, and interpretations of the memories and sensations experienced can vary. The process should always be conducted by a qualified and experienced regression therapist who can provide emotional support, ensure safety, and facilitate ethical practices.

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Between-Life Regression Counseling

Between life regression (BLR) is a therapeutic technique that focuses on exploring the experiences and memories that occur between past lives during the interlife period or the space between lifetimes. It is a deeper level of regression that allows you to access the spiritual realm and gain insights into your soul's journey, purpose, and lessons.

During your between life regression session, I will guide you from your past-life regression into a deeper state of relaxation and into an expanded consciousness. The following are some key aspects and experiences that may occur during a between life regression:

Cost: $2,500

Duration: 3-4 hours

If you purchase the Soul Learner Course, you will receive 20% OFF the Past-Life and Between-Life Regression.

All regressions will be done virtually. This is energetic work that can be done from the comfort of your home.

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The process is fascinating, informative, & transformational. 

What to Expect...


1. The Transition from Past Life:

The regression begins with you transitioning from the memories of a past life into the between-life period. You will let go of the past life and move into the spiritual realm.

2. Meeting Spirit Guides and Beings of Wisdom:

Clients often meet their spirit guides, guardian angels, teachers, or wise beings during a between life regression. These spiritual beings offer guidance, support, and insights into your soul’s journey.

3. Life Review and Reflection:

Similar to a past life regression, you may engage in a life review process where you visit the Council of Elders to revisit your soul contract, and reflect upon your past life experiences, choices, and their effects on you and others. The purpose is to gain deeper understanding, learning, and growth.

4. Soul Group Interactions:

You may encounter other souls or members of your soul group, which consists of souls who have shared connections and experiences across multiple lifetimes. They may include those in your life that have already transitioned to the other side. Soul group interactions can involve discussions, lessons, and support for one another's growth.

5. Planning Future Incarnations:

You may participate in the planning and selection of your next incarnation. You can collaborate with your guides, soul group, and higher wisdom to choose specific life circumstances, relationships, and experiences that align with your soul's objectives and growth.


6. Spiritual Insights and Teachings:

During a between-life regression, you may receive spiritual teachings, insights, and messages that offer a broader understanding of the nature of existence, the purpose of life, and the soul's evolution. These insights can lead to a greater sense of clarity, purpose, and personal transformation.

7. Integration and Reflection:

Toward the end of the session, I will guide you back to your present awareness, ensuring a smooth transition. I will facilitate reflection and discussion to help you integrate the experiences, gain insights, and consider how the revelations from the between life regression can positively impact your current life.

You will receive a transcription within a week sent to your email for you to have forever with every word you spoke and includes the affirmations and healing work for your reflections.

Cost: $2,500

Duration: These sessions can last 3-4 hours

If you purchase the Soul Learner Course, you will receive 20% OFF the Past-Life and Between-Life Regression.

All regressions will be done virtually. This is energetic work that can be done from the comfort of your home.

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I Work With Clients Who Have Questions and Concerns, Such as:

  • About the Course
    The Soul Learner Course takes you on a journey of discovering your inner power and authority, which comes from Knowledge and Understanding - a mysterious source given to you by the divine to guide and protect you. Following this inner guidance leads you to the essential relationships that will help you fulfill your higher purpose in life. This self-study program includes over 7 hours of video material, Guided visualizations, a master self-guide workbook, and access to a community that teaches you how to see, know, and act with the certainty and authority that comes from your inner knowing. It is the ultimate guide to self-determination and inner wisdom. The Soul Learner Course is designed for individuals who are ready to undertake their greater work in life and who understand that they have a purpose to fulfill in this critical turning point in our history. If you're ready to make a positive contribution to the world, this course is here to serve you.
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    ✓ Soul Lessons, Soul Contracts, Past Life Regression, The Space Between Lifetimes, Unconditional Love ​ ✓ Limiting Beliefs, Letting Go of Anger & Embracing Compassion, How To Reframe Negative Self Talk, Healing Inner Child Wounds ​ ✓ Dream Interpretation, Guided Meditation, Learning Trust & Forgiveness ​ ✓ Quantum Physics Manifesting, Accessing Abundance, Guardian Angels & Spirit Guides, Akashic Records ​ ✓ Exclusive events, discounts & MORE... all for YOU as you gain healing strategies for...LIFE. Transform your personality and entire life. Leave behind the fears, conflict and pain. Release yourself from hard work and struggle. Transition into liberated consciousness and a brand new creative expression. Live your life according to the flows of love, intuition and synchronicity. Open the door into multi-dimensional perception. Manifest instantly through thought and feeling alone. Penetrate the reality that lies behind thought. Become an instrument of service for Divine Will and humanity's evolution.
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