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Just Launched!

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Are you ready to transform your Life?

Begin a transformative self-study experience designed to help you break free from doubt, insecurities, fear, and all the human blocks that have held you back from living your best life. Embrace the opportunity to discover your true potential and unleash the power within you!

Connect To Your
Spiritual Higher Self

Take the Soul Success Path Quiz
to see if this course is right for you.


40 Bitesize Masterclasses

Easy to follow lessons taught by your coach, Petey Silveira.


Access on mobile

Access your lessons anywhere, at anytime.


Monthly Group Coaching

There will be 2 coaching sessions offered each month on various spiritual topics facilitated by a Soul Coach.​



This is your journey,

navigate it at your own pace.

Leaf Pattern Design

Are you ready to take a self-study course to eliminate doubt, insecurities, fear, angst, anger and all the other human blocks that have kept you stuck where you’ve not been able to live your best life?

Hi! It's Petey! Let me tell you all about my new course...

You may have seen my videos where I share fascinating past life regression stories. Over the past 30 years, I've guided countless individuals on their healing journeys by exploring their past lifetimes.

𑁍 Unlocking Your Creative Power:
Did you know that you are the creator of your reality? You possess the incredible power to manifest anything and everything you desire. As the Creator of the Soul Learners Course, it's my mission to help you understand how to tap into this power.

𑁍 Foundation of Self-Worth and Unconditional Love:
Building a strong foundation of self-worth and self-esteem is essential for manifesting and creating your own reality. It's a significant soul lesson in this lifetime. During my sessions with clients, we often delve into this crucial aspect. And in the Soul Learners Courses, I guide you to embrace self-compassion and grace, allowing you to move forward and make the seemingly impossible possible.

𑁍 Building Resilience Against External Judgment:
In life, you'll encounter people who may judge or critique you. Their opinions can slow down or even halt your progress if your foundation is shaken. In the Soul Learner Beginner Course, you'll develop the understanding and competence to stand firm in your beliefs and confidently follow your own unique path. After all, you designed this path for yourself before you were born.

𑁍 Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs:
Let's shed the "shoulds," "woulds," and "coulds" that make us feel like we should all be the same. Embrace your individuality as a wonderful and unique individual. Summon the confidence to follow your intuition, which is another vital aspect you'll learn in this course. It's time to break free from the constraints holding you back.

𑁍 Awakening to Potential:
In our lifetime, our ego often wants to be heard and always wants to be right. We are often unaware of the messages surrounding us. But fear not, because my purpose is to awaken you to your true potential and help you manifest it. Together, we'll overpower the subconscious chatter that robs you of your power and replace it with the boundless possibilities that await.

𑁍 Shedding Light on Limiting Beliefs:
Collective subconscious forces can create limiting beliefs in your life. Perhaps you believe you can't earn more than a certain amount or lack the necessary training or education. These beliefs are often unconscious, but we'll shine a light on them. We'll explore the vibrational and energetic components of your choices and decisions, allowing you to break free from these limitations.

𑁍 Tapping into Personal Power:
You possess immense power to create your own reality, yet you may have only tapped into a fraction of it. In the Soul Learners Course, you'll learn how to tap into 100% of your personal power. Surrounding yourself with a community of like-minded individuals who vibrate at a similar frequency will support your journey and transformation along the way.


𑁍 Connecting with Intuition and Vibrational Frequency:
Once you tap into your own vibrational frequency, which is the energetic essence of who you are, your intuition will become your guiding force. You won't need external validation; you'll feel instantly secure in your decisions. Your intuition will provide clarity and align you with the right path. In this course, you'll learn to access your vibrational information and develop a heightened awareness.


𑁍 Embracing Clarity and Alignment:
Embracing clarity and alignment is crucial on your journey. By shedding light on your limiting beliefs, you'll know when your inner voice screams "HELL YES!" Every step forward will feel natural and effortless. If this resonates with you, if you hear your intuitive inner voice saying YES, then I invite you to join me on this transformative path.

Join the Soul Learner Movement!

If you're ready to embrace the power within you and embark on this transformative journey, I welcome you to join the Soul Learners Course. Let's awaken your true potential together and manifest the life you've always envisioned. Listen to your intuitive inner voice and take the next step towards your "hell yes" moment.

Leaf Pattern Design

Ready to get started?

Listen to your intuitive inner voice and take the next step towards your "hell yes" moment.

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About the Soul Learner Course

"It is the ultimate guide to self-determination and inner wisdom."

Petey has been on a personal and professional spiritual journey of exploration for the past 30 years as a full-time therapist in private practice and has created the Soul Learner Course to share her wisdom with you.


This course is designed to help you uncover your purpose and passion in this lifetime with a unique and effective strategy to move you forward in all areas of your life. Enjoy lifetime access to all modules, guided visual meditations, and an engaged community of spiritual seekers just like you. The course includes a beautifully designed workbook with journal questions to aid the journey for years to come. 

Are you ready?

I released my course to a small group of Soul Learners,

see what they're saying!

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What you'll learn...

Step into your happiest lifetime!

In this course, Petey breaks down how to identify your homeostasis to ensure that you can move forward in your life with an understanding of how it shapes your narrative and affects your experiences. You will learn about the 26 Soul Lessons and begin to recognize patterns in your life. Petey's lesson architecture gives you a clear understanding of why these patterns exist and a clear roadmap of how to transform them. You'll learn exactly how to step into your happiest lifetime.

This is manifesting at its finest!

7+ Hours of Video Lessons

6+ Hours of Guided Meditation

Soul Learner Workbook

Guided Journal Practices

Messages Channeled from Spirit by Petey

& much much more!

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Book a session
with a Soul Coach!

Are you looking for a guide on your spiritual journey?
Soul Coaches are professionals trained by Petey to provide you with the guidance, tools, and techniques to assist you in exploring your spiritual path, deepening your self-awareness, and integrating spiritual principles into your daily life.

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Leave behind the fears, conflict, and pain.

Have you ever experienced
any of the following?

→ Feelings of lack

→ Confusion and inability to trust with ease

→ Extreme anger issues

→ Struggling to connect with your purpose

→ Trouble trusting signs from angels and guides

→ Why can't I feel a connection to something bigger

→ How I can hear and/or trust my intuition

→ How do I communicate to those that have transitioned to the other side?

→ Guilt, shame, martyred thinking or victim mentality

→ Thinking I'm not worthy of receiving good things

→ I know I'm sabotaging myself but I do it anyway

→ Extreme sensitivity as an empath

→ Feeling like manifesting is something only others can do

→ Longing to forgive yourself and others

→ Wondering why every relationship feel so difficult

→ How do I see signs from my angels and spirit guides

→ How can I more frequently show more empathy and unconditional love to others

Don't worry, this is why I
the Soul Learners Course

This course exists because of the many lives that have been transformed through my Soul Learners Membership. See what Soul Learners have said so far on their journey...

Meet Lilyan
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Access to the online
Soul Learner Community

Join the ever-growing Soul Learners community where we foster connection and create a supportive environment for learning and personal growth. It is a wonderful community full of aligned souls and most likely will start treasured relationships for this lifetime.

When you join the Soul Learner Course you are also joining in our community of like-minded souls! When you purchase a Soul Learner Course you will receive a link to our community and connection with our group members.

Meet your Spiritual Coach

Petey Silveira, LMFT 

Founder of New Pathway to Healing

Hi! I'm Petey.


I've been a therapist and past-life regression expert for 35 years. Three years ago, I created the Soul Learners Membership, an online community and learning platform for soul learners. It has helped many people transform their confusion about difficult situations and people into a clear understanding of their purpose and how to respond effectively by mastering their understanding of Soul Lessons in this lifetime. My goal is to reach and provide these tools to as many people as possible to help raise collective awareness on this planet. Which is the reason why I created this course! Learn more about Petey here

With love & light,

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