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Introducing 90 Day: The Last Resort Sessions Podcast featuring Petey Silveira

"Will the troubled 90 Day Fiancé: The Last Resort couples ever find a happy ending? What about your own happy ending? 90 Day: The Last Resort Sessions is a podcast dedicated to exploring the key relationship woes that the couples will be facing during their 2-week therapy "bootcamp" in the Florida Keys—the same kinds of issues that impact us every single day off camera.

Each week, Host Suki Krishnan is paired with one of the three resident therapists from the show---Dr. Janie Lacy, Dr Jason Prendergast, and Dr. Petey Silveira—to dig into the relationship dramas of the week, while also extending support and guidance to real-life listener questions about their own trials in love. Whether it's dealing with cultural differences, managing long-distance relationships, or addressing infidelity, the therapists will help listeners gain a deeper understanding of their own relationship struggles and offer valuable tools and strategies to help overcome them."

90 DAY:THE LAST RESORT premieres on Monday, August 14th at 9PM EST on TLC.

Listen to the latest episode!



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