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Soul Coaching with Petey Silveira

  • 30 minutes
  • From 250 US dollars
  • Virtual Session


A laser coaching session is a focused and condensed form of coaching that aims to achieve specific outcomes within a short period of time. The term "laser" in this context signifies the precision and efficiency of the coaching approach, much like a laser beam that focuses on a specific target. In a laser coaching session, Petey and the client work together to address a particular issue, goal, or challenge. These effective 30-minute laser coaching sessions target your present issues and help you understand your present circumstances to make positive changes and take action, based on clear priorities. Here are 7 key aspects of a laser coaching session: 1. Clear Objective: The client brings a specific objective, question, or area of focus to the session. It could be a challenge they are facing, a decision they need to make, or a goal they want to achieve. The coach helps the client clarify and articulate the desired outcome. 2. Active Listening: The coach actively listens to the client, asking powerful questions and seeking to understand their perspective, beliefs, and emotions. This helps the coach gain insight into the client's situation and identify any underlying factors that may be contributing to the challenge. 3. Goal Setting: The coach and client work together to define a clear and specific goal or outcome for the session. This helps to create a shared understanding of what the client wants to achieve and ensures the coaching session remains focused on that objective. 4. Exploration & Insight: Through skillful questioning and discussion, the coach helps the client explore different perspectives, uncover limiting beliefs or assumptions, and gain new insights into their situation. This exploration aims to broaden the client's thinking and generate possibilities for action. 5. Action Planning: Based on the insights and clarity gained, the coach collaborates with the client to develop a concrete action plan. This plan may involve setting specific goals, identifying steps or strategies, and establishing accountability measures to support the client's progress. 6. Motivation & Support: The coach provides motivation, encouragement, and support to the client throughout the session. They help the client build confidence, overcome obstacles 7. Closure & Next Steps: Towards the end of the session, the coach and client summarize the key insights, actions, and commitments made.

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