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Soul Coach Session with Sarah Burnett

Discover how a Soul Coach can help you go from confusion to clarity, easier.

  • 30 min
  • From 200 US dollars
  • Virtual Meeting


Sarah Burnett Bio: Hi, I’m Sarah Burnett! (she/her/hers) I am a Soul Learner Coach, Licensed Mental Health Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Psychedelic Integration Specialist, and a Co-Facilitator of Soul Journeys Retreats & Co-Host of the Therapy Unfiltered Podcast with my amazing mom, Petey! I feel so grateful to be raised in a home where soul lessons, soul contracts, past lives and talking with spirit was just the norm. Having this deep understanding of spirituality infused into my being from birth has allowed me to trust that challenging experiences and heart-breaking relationships were happening FOR me and not to me. I learned to follow my intuition and manifest an abundant life in alignment with my mind, body and spirit. My clients come with an open heart, self-awareness about what they don’t know, and a willingness to be vulnerable enough to trust me as their guide, knowing they can find trust within themselves. Many are members of the LGBTQ+ community, and all are eager to find new layers of healing to level-up their lives. As a Soul Learner Coach, I use Hypnosis, NLP, soul lessons, guided visualizations, and more, to guide you straight to the source of your inner wisdom, the subconscious mind, to heal past wounds and connect to your highest self. Together, we can co-create a tangible toolbox that integrates that wisdom into your daily life, allowing you to manifest your dream life in real life. --------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE NOTE: Coaching offers you guidance, support and education for your daily life and achieving your goals. The techniques and exercises used will be strategies for healing the issues presenting. Coaching is not psychotherapy. There will not be any mental health evaluations or diagnosis given. High risk needs are not addressed in Soul Coaching. These include suicidal ideation, active substance abuse or psychosis. If a higher level of care is needed, your soul coach will recommend a referral to have these issues assessed and treated by a therapist.

Contact Details

(321) 279-0998

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