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Dr. Zeenat K. Mitha MBA, Ed.D

Soul and Spirituality Coach, Personal Life Coach, Business Coach, and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) Coach

$60 per session (Package plans available)

Session Duration: 30-minutes
Location: Virtual Meeting

Often works with:

Anxiety, Stress, Life Transition, Overwhelm, Sadness, Loneliness, Marriage and Family, Young Adults, Entrepreneurs

Dr. Zeenat K. Mitha MBA, Ed.D
Dr. Zeenat K. Mitha MBA, Ed.D

Hello there! I’m Zeenat Mitha! (she/her/hers). I am a Soul and Spirituality Coach, Personal Life Coach, Business Coach, and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) Coach. I am raised in Canada and the United States, and I am of East Indian Descent. I speak English, Gujarati, and Kachi. I am married for 30 years, and we have two amazing boys. I love reading, writing, yoga, travelling, and I am involved in community service. I had a Cultural Column for four years in Fort Bend Focus Magazine where I shared diverse, inclusive and cultural traditions and celebrations with the greater community, to help readers understand and be accepting of their neighbors. I have my first children’s book being published, “Friendship Bracelets”, and I am also going to be publishing other books very soon. A hobby I enjoy!

Since 2010, I am a Professor of Communication Studies, Speaker at Conferences and Events, and a Business and Personal Development Consultant. Through my consulting I create courses and train in the areas of Communications, Media, and Public Relations for business-minded individuals to reach their highest potential.

With Soul Coaching, my goal is to work with each client in a very confidential and trusting manner. The first step is the most important. It is to align and reframe. The process of aligning your thoughts, words, and actions with your highest truths is living in a way that is in line with your deepest values and beliefs. Then we work on communicating with clarity on one’s need(s). Thereafter, work is done on guiding through issues. Once that has occurred, I facilitate the understanding and implementing of manifesting so one can focus on resolving problems and finding a happy solution. A full Circle.

As a Soul Learner Coach, I use Soul Lessons, guided visualizations, Meditations, Affirmations, NLP, and more, depending on the special needs of the client. I have also been certified in Hypnosis. I guide my client’s journey to connect with their intuition, internal intelligence, and subconscious being, to understand their homeostasis and then for them to immediately work on reframing, relieving and healing their difficulties. My clients have the ability to work on the above, with my assistance. When the potential in my client is clear to them, I guide them on how manifestation works regarding their good intentions and how they can work on this next phase.

I look at the Pros in my life, and I have a very clear awareness of the lineage that graces me from above, for my purpose in life. I am grateful for being raised by kind, giving, spiritual, and loving parents. My family showed incredible kindness and unconditional love to me and to others, but they couldn’t answer questions when challenges or grief became part of my life. I know that through my years of training, Soul Coach work with Petey Silviera, and NLP training, that my hurdles were a lesson I had to go through to grow and learn. It was not happening to me, but for me. The key for all of us, is how to overcome hurdles, use them as opportunities, and to find the blessing in the learning. The ability to have that “aha” moment and shift for a better life and boundless opportunities is what I want for my clients!

I love sharing this gift with others! It is when I’m guiding, assisting, and facilitating others to their full potential, that is when I am the happiest. My intuition has helped me align, and it allows me to be connected to my soul, mind, and body, and the journey flows with ease! I want that for my clients, and I know that when they come to me in a difficult state, I connect with them through my purpose, and I guide them to higher vibrations.

Sending blessings, positive energy, and good vibes!

Dr. Zeenat K. Mitha MBA, Ed.D
Package Plans

$60 – per 1 (30) minute session
$285 – for 5 (30) minute sessions
$550 – for 10 (30) minute sessions

Contact Details

(713) 922-6622

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