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Dr. Heather Marie Davis

PharmD, PhD

$60 per session (Package plans available)

Session Duration: 30-minutes
Location: Virtual Meeting

Often works with:

Beginners, Athletes / Student Athletes, Relationships, Anxiety, Life Transition, Mindfulness, Mind Body Connection, Healing

Dr. Heather Marie Davis
Dr. Heather Marie Davis

I am Heather, I am also you. I happened upon an endeavor in the pharmaceutical field, practicing for north of a decade. Petey and I came together when I experienced a critical crisis of identity. Gifted with grace, guidance, and knowledge through our relationship, it is now my purpose to assist. Existence may change entirely with challenges. Life is vibrant, invaluable, and its beauty exceeds description. The available programming has not assisted us with genuine sight or clarity. Love and brilliance is our birthright, each of us are here to claim it, although universally we struggle with vision.

Petey gave me sight, it is my mission to pay it forward, as I am also you.

Love and light, indefinitely, as is my gratitude to help.

Dr. Heather Marie Davis
Package Plans

$60 – per 1 (30) minute session
$250 – per 5 (30) minute sessions

Contact Details

(828) 200-1736

Social Media

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