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Jules McKenna

Software Sales and Customer Success Executive and Yoga Instructor

$60 per session (Package plans available)

Session Duration: 30-minutes
Location: Virtual Meeting

Often works with:

Stress, Anger, Relationships Ending, Marriage and Family, Entrepreneurs, Loneliness, Overwhelm, Athletes / Student Athletes, Mind Body Connection, Meditation, Yoga, Visualization

Jules McKenna
Jules McKenna

As a Laser Focused Soul Coach, Software Sales and Customer Success Executive, and Yoga Instructor, my mission is to facilitate healing for clients through a combination of online coaching sessions and in-person private and group yoga classes. I specialize in guiding individuals toward personal growth and spiritual development, fostering self-awareness and empowering them to make meaningful choices.

"Tailored to diverse needs, I blend holistic wellness, transformative yoga experiences, and focused coaching to guide individuals and groups towards well-being, self-awareness, and balance."

My services include laser-focused coaching sessions, individual and group yoga classes, as well as specialized yoga programs designed for athletes and corporate events. I am dedicated to creating transformative experiences tailored to the unique needs of each client and group, promoting well-being, focus, and balance across diverse settings. Drawing on my background as a former student athlete and my current role with over 27 years of experience in software sales and customer success, I bring a unique perspective to inspire and educate others. My enthusiasm for creating a more harmonious world for all beings drives my passion, and I welcome the opportunity to connect with you on your journey to holistic wellness and personal growth.

Jules McKenna
Package Plans

$60 – per 1 (30) minute session
$250 – for 5 (30) minute sessions

Contact Details

+1 (407) 562-6926

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