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Maria Teresa Mandry

Juris Doctor, Judge, Educator

$60 per session (Package plans available)

Session Duration: 30-minutes
Location: Virtual Meeting

Often works with:

Meaning of Life, Stress, Angels, Healing, Reframing, Overwhelm, Relationships, Loneliness, Young Adults, Overachievers

Maria Teresa Mandry
Maria Teresa Mandry

My quest for Spiritual understanding started over 30 years ago when I was seeking for answers to life’s challenges. Divorce, failed relationships, raising my daughter as a single parent, several life-threatening illnesses and depression sent me searching for the meaning of my life. That search exposed me to diverse philosophical and esoteric theories, psychological awareness, Kundalini yoga, past-life regressions, psychics and spiritual teachers. Some years ago, my quest led me to Petey Silveira.

I have lived in Orlando, Florida since 2014, when I moved with Luisa, my dog, from the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico; an island full of Latin flavor, color and diversity. I am fully bilingual; fluent in both English and Spanish.

My formal studies consist of a double major in Elementary and Secondary Education and a Juris Doctor degree in Law. Graduating Magna Cum Laude in both, opened doors to rewarding experiences and work opportunities. I am very fortunate to have been a teacher, a Judicial clerk to a Supreme Court Justice, a Legal advisor to the Governor of Puerto Rico, a State Family Court Judge, and a Federal disability Judge.

I love music, I am an animal lover and an avid World traveler. My passion for travel has taken me to many countries and to experience Mother Earth’s wonders such as the Himalayas, the Saharan desert, and the Chilean Patagonia. My work and travel experiences have enriched my soul with understanding of other cultures, empathy and compassion, and taught me the skills to be a good listener, observer, communicator and to consider all issues from different perspectives.

As one of the founding members of Petey’s Soul Learners, and through my three-year membership, all my scattered spiritual knowledge came together in the awareness of Soul Contracts and Soul Lessons. It all made sense. I am fascinated by our human relationship to the spiritual world and our connection to Spirit. Under the guidance of Spirit and Petey, my journey has now led me to become a Certified Soul Coach so that I can help others heal and understand their challenges. Because I have experienced it before, I can offer solution-focused coaching to understand life’s purpose, challenges and situations that keep repeating in our lives. Coaching sessions with use of affirmations, visualizations, Angel cards and breathing techniques among others will assist in shifting stress and discover the answers to “Why?”.

It is my privilege to be a part of this very special group and so thankful for the opportunity to be of assistance in other souls’ journeys of understanding. Much love and light.

Maria Teresa Mandry
Package Plans

$60 per 30 minute session
$275 for 5 (30) minute sessions

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