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Petey Silveira, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Past-life Regression Expert

$250 per session (Package plans available)

Session Duration: 30-minutes
Location: Virtual Meeting

Often works with:

Marriage and Family, Entrepreneurs, LGBTQ+, Overwhelm, Stress, Loneliness, Anger, Young Adults

Petey Silveira, LMFT
Petey Silveira, LMFT

I am a spiritual teacher, public speaker, and author who has unlocked how to create healing through identifying an individual’s soul lessons. I create healing with my clients as a marriage and family therapist and with the world at spiritual retreats, special events, and workshops.

As a marriage and family therapist for over 36 years, my career weaves together traditional therapeutic practices, past-life regression, Kundalini yoga, and hypnotherapy. My approach is layered: I have built on classical cognitive-behavioral methodology to reach a soul level of healing in my clients, unlocking each individual’s cell memory imprints that they have carried forward from lifetime to lifetime. The integration of mind, body, and spirit has allowed me to create a diagnostic model for each of my clients to create healing.

Through my own spiritual practice, I have unraveled my individual soul lessons that have informed my professional calling. In this lifetime, my soul chose a mother who became my spiritual and metaphysical mentor at a young age. She showed me how to interpret my dreams using Carl Jung’s work, introduced me to meditation and reincarnation, and took me for lectures starting at 9-years old to the Edgar Cayce Institute for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach. She was my rock and my support to deal with the other challenges I placed in my life to grow my soul from, including the often painful soul lessons that my father and the first husband taught me.

Petey Silveira, LMFT
Package Plans

$250 – per 1 (30) minute session
$600 – for 3 (30) minute sessions
$900 – for 5 (30) minute sessions

Contact Details

(321) 279-0998

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