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A Client’s Low Self-Esteem Healed In One Past-Life Regression

Sometimes I am absolutely blown away by how quickly past- life regression cuts to the bottom line for symptoms that are presented. Every time I do a regression I am in awe at the level of emotion and powerful healing that can occur in just one session.

Let me share with you a client session from this past week. Teri (fictitious name for this article) came to see me because she had always been interested in experiencing an individual past-life regression. She had gone to Dr. Brian Weiss’ workshop where she did a group past-life regression and was fascinated, but she wanted a more in-depth experience.

Like all clients, I spent the first 45 minutes taking her history. During the past-life regression, it really helps me do the healing portion in the most productive manner. Teri sat down and this beautiful seemingly confident looking woman broke down within the first few questions I asked her. She had gone through several traumatic deaths of people close to her earlier in her life that were still not resolved. She spoke of a former love that she had regrettably walked away from almost 30 years earlier. Teri also had a pervasive feeling of “I’m not worth anything” since the time she was old enough to have memories.

Her pain was palpable as she spoke about her father who was a perfectionist and her mother who favored her sister. But overall she came from a fairly “functional” family that had their “stuff” just like anyone else. None of this explained her feelings of such low self-esteem and zero self-worth.

I had enough information, so we began the past-life regression. She quickly went under and for the next 90 minutes we spent the majority of the time in a past lifetime where she was a 10-year-old boy. It was 1786, and she was a young boy who lived with his grandmother who took good care of him in a very practical manner but not in a particularly loving one. When I asked “him” where his parents were, she began to sob. Long aching sobs as she described each of their deaths earlier in life.

As we spent the next hour going to her most significant cell memories of this lifetime everything became clear on how systemic this lifetime had been in repeating the same feelings of zero self-worth in this life. Many issues became crystal clear as she recognized the love of her life from this lifetime and her similar pattern of walking away from him because she felt he deserved so much better.

She had been carrying over 300 years of this low self-esteem! No wonder that this was her earliest feeling in this lifetime.

When I guided her to have her soul rise above her body from her death in this lifetime, it was for the purpose of healing and letting go of this past life. I did many of the exercises designed for this purpose. It was a very difficult lifetime for her to let go of. She finally agreed to do so when she met her grandmother that had died years ago and who she had been very close with in this life. Her grandmother had a message for her that definitely had an impact.

I felt that if she could meet her guardian angel that we all have it would help empower her even further when she came back to a conscious level. As I always say, “Ask and you will receive.” She asked to meet her guardian angel, and she did. It was unbelievable. I’m going to save that part for another blog on angels.

But the end result was one session and complete clarity from my client on why and where these feelings of low self-worth had come from her entire life. She was blown away by her experience and the depth of how strong her feelings had been when she relived that life. The 90 minutes of past-life regression she experienced felt like a mere 10.

I could go into all the details, but this short vignette is yet another powerful story of what past-life regression is all about.



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