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Today Calls for Faith

Today’s message is about trusting your inner guidance on when to go, and when to yield.

You see, we are all built with an innate internal guidance system called our Intuition.

Our intuition is directly connected to Spirit/God/Source/Universe and is how we build a 2 way, balanced relationship with Spirit.

Have you ever felt that it was time to go somewhere? As if something was pulling you to go to a different grocery store than you normally go to?

What happens when you follow that nudge? Did you run into somebody you haven’t seen in ages? Or were you maybe saved from harm or danger?

We know deep within when things/people/experiences/situations are for us or not for us.

The soul lesson of Faith can filter through our intuition as we practice having faith in what we cannot see.

Faith replaces overthinking.

Faith replaces worry.

Faith replaces confusion.

Faith instigates action,

it can also instigate receptivity.

For today, allow yourself to listen closely to that internal guidance system that is fine tuned to the will of Spirit and take action (or no action) to feel what true alignment is.

You will know when to go, you will know when to yield.

Within this space, your soul lessons of Faith and Intuition will be recognized by those on the other side.

Sending you so much love and light,




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