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Our innate nature is inner peace

Two Wooden Lounge Chair by a Lake
Our innate nature is one of peace for we come from the place of divine Peace. Peace is within us and can be accessed any time we desire. When we lean into peace and deeper stillness, we come to know the Truth of our being which is radiant light and pure love. In peace we are allowing the past and future to dissolve, only to be anchored into the only moment that matters… The here and now. When we allow peace into our hearts, we awaken cell memories of forgiveness, letting go, grace and trust. As peace enters our homes, we walk into a space of understanding, compassion and hope. Having peace be the foundation for your life allows you to move through each day, each moment, each breath with radical faith and a deep inner knowing that Universal Love has and always will hold you, no matter what. Allow peace to be your natural state this week. Use the song below to anchor this peace into your being today. Inner Peace by Beautiful Chorus: Affirmations for inner peace: “Please let me feel inner peace from my center, at the center of me.” “In me is a knowing of Love.” “My Heart is Open.” Petey Silveira
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