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Let your Light Shine Bright

Honoring yourself as a beautiful puzzle piece in the grand puzzle of Life.

So many times we may compare or judge ourselves based on outside influences, forgetting that it’s our unique light from within that allows for the world to be as beautiful as it is.

Think about it, if we all to some capacity operated at a similar frequency or did the same job or looked the same or had the same personality, where would the beauty in that be?

It’s time you remember that who you are is beautiful and sacred.

Every thread of who you are is exactly as it needs to be.

These moments can show up in our lives as our soul lessons of Unconditional Self Love, Authenticity and Courage.

We are all here to embrace our differences while remembering that within each of us is a never-changing, unshakable light that we all share.

Yet what makes that light shine brightest is when we accept who we are from within.

We accept our perceived flaws as beautiful reminders of our authentic nature…

We unconditionally love ourselves through the highs and lows of life… knowing that we are capable of great things…

We have the courage to continue showing up in our brightest light, sharing with the world the gift that is our Heart…

And somewhere in this journey, we may come across other souls who are traveling along a similar path of Unconditional Self Love, Authenticity and Courage… and see that person not as a threat to our self-image.. but as a beautiful mirror reflecting back to us what we may have not seen before.

If we were all the same shaped puzzle piece.. there would be no puzzle, so allow for the differences you witness in others to inspire you to be all that you are.. in your fullness!

No longer needing to hide or conform to fit in, it’s time you remember the sacred and special soul you are.

Drop all judgements, comparisons, resentments, fears, overthinking, jealousy and anger… and fill those spaces with self love, acceptance, trust, courage and KINDNESS!

Kindness to yourself

Kindness to others

Kindness to the world.

Be kind as you unravel all that you came here to be, knowing that your spirit team is on your side each step of the way.

Thank you for being here with me today! Sending you Love and Light, – Petey



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