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Be The Change!

If welcoming change is a theme you would love to integrate in your life you might be asking yourself, “How do I get there?”

In previous posts I’ve talked about how changing your thinking may change many other dynamics in your life. But, what about if YOU were the change?

What would that actually look like, and what would happen in your life? Many clients I work with are initially looking to change the parts of their lives that aren’t working well for them. If they had a different career path, they would feel happier. If their partner would make some changes, then they would feel better. If they only had more money, then their life would become easier. If they lived in a different state, changed their apartment or home, had their relatives living closer or further away, had warmer or colder weather, lived in the mountains or by the ocean….THEN their lives would improve for the better.

But eventually, after working with some of the techniques I recommend, they find that if they were to be the change, then all of the rest of the variables I’ve just listed above really wouldn’t matter! If they acquired inner peace, gratitude, acceptance, and love for themselves, all else would flow and change with this no matter where or what they were doing in their life.

This is really the key! To “be the change,” you must accept and adapt to any situation or relationship with a loving attitude – for what the universe has plopped down in life to grow and learn from is a blessing. As you develop the keys to continue to be at peace and find joy, no matter your environment, you will find your circle of people, places, and things begin to be in sync with where you are!

It feels magical and wonderful when that occurs! When at this peaceful, accepting, and loving place all of a sudden, my clients find difficult people are moving out of their life and wonderful souls moving into it! They find new opportunities opening up at work or new vistas presenting themselves as if by magic. But it is not magic. It is truly by your own design, created by YOU for YOU!

Try it…be the change! If you need any coaching on this path, just email me at, and I would love to set up a coaching session with you by Skype, phone, or in-person to help you do just that!

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