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Celebrate where you are now!

This week’s message is all about the power of contentment in this now moment.

So many times throughout our lives we can constantly be looking towards the next thing, the next job, the next home, the next relationship, the next step….

Yet we forget, that where we are right now, is a culmination of where we once were… and is essential in our pathway of our Soul’s evolution.

From THIS place… you create what’s “next”… you create the outline of the reality you wish to paint with all the colors of the rainbow.

This is why the practice of being present is so key in manifestation and creating your reality.

If you’re not fully aware of what is here for you, how can you decide what it is that you DO want?

Take a moment right now and breathe with me…

Pause and look all around you, see what you see, hear what you hear, feel what you feel, know what you know….

Everything in this moment, you have manifested.

Whether it’s for joy, or it’s a part of your soul lessons in this lifetime, find gratitude for this space.

Allow the present moment to wash over you as if you were sitting underneath a waterfall of shimmering Gold…

Remember that this is what you desired at one point or another in your lifetime, thank yourself for being here and no where else.

Your pathway of this lifetime is one so unique and individual to you, that it doesn’t serve to compare or judge your progress.

Trust that you can create shifts and change when you know it’ll be time once again.

But for now, enjoy basking in what you’ve created for your life.

Be here now and no where else.

Soon, you will know when to act and move forward on your journey..

Sending you so much love today…

Have a beautiful day!!



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