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Choosing Joy over Fear.

Today’s message is all about choosing your heartfelt joy over fear.

Yes it is easier to be in fear, to run old programming in our minds and hang on to old beliefs that once served us… but we are in a powerful time right now, just coming out of the Blue Moon from yesterday, to really claim what it is we desire from our Soul Self.

These desires will all be centered around what brings you your heartfelt JOY!

There are infinite possibilities that exist at any given moment, all you have to do is choose what you want to fill your days with and it shall be so.

Do you choose to fill this day with Love? Be love.

Do you choose to fill this day with Abundance? Be abundance.

Do you choose to fill this day with Gratitude? Be gratitude.

Do you choose to fill this day with Laughter? Be laughter.

You see, your spirit guides want you to remember the power you hold within your heart…. for your heart is the compass that will always guide you back home to your true nature, your Soul Self.

In the Truth that everything is happening for us, allow any lower vibrations to simply be witnessed as teachers and guides to help you to shift back to your high vibration of unconditional love, mercy, forgiveness and grace.

From this, you build a beautiful foundation for all of your souls lessons to continue flourishing over the course of your time here on Earth.

The important thing to remember is that we all need to be doing this together. It’s no longer up to one person, it’s up to ALL of us.

As a collective, as a unified consciousness.

We are the change, and the change begins within us.

For today, choose your Joy and allow God to hold you.

Let Love fill the spaces that need to be filled and witness miracles effortlessly take place.

You are so loved and are always divinely supported.

And so it is.



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