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Coming Home to Your True Nature

I want to share with you a message on the feelings of coming back home to your true state and nature.

Think back to when you felt the most at peace, ease and as if there were no thoughts in your mind as time had stopped.

Where were you and what were you doing? Maybe it was during a meditation, a yoga class, singing your favorite song, painting and creating art, planting seeds and tending to your garden, exploring nature… do you see how so many doors for inner peace exist in this earthly plane!?

Even when life moves fast and you’re met with frustration or impatience, remember that there is a gift to be found and the gift is Presence.

Your soul knew in coming to this lifetime that it would experience the entire spectrum of human emotions which in your truest nature, you were so excited to be a part of it.

You felt excitement to be a part of this human journey as you birthed into the world from the space of unconditional Love and light. There is nothing for you to fear, for all of your needs are always met and you are always taken care of.

Remember that in coming home to yourself you come home to the truest nature of your essence.

Your true nature is one of trusting, peace, joy, unconditional love and gratitude.

Take time today to be still and be grateful for the moment you’re in, for this moment is all that we have.

Affirm: “I have everything I need, everything I need is within me.” Until you feel peace wash over you.

Sending you so much love.



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