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Embody compassion to shift from fear to Love.

Thank you for being here with me today!

If you are able to embody one feeling today let it be this: compassion.

You see, in having compassion for ourselves, no matter what is going on within or outside of us, we can shift our focus from fear and ego to LOVE and unconditional acceptance.

Any time negative self talk comes through and you catch yourself in the space of awareness, give yourself compassion. Tell that part of you, or your ego Self, that you don’t have to live in that negative thought or feeling and that it’s safe to let it go.

Of course, you must acknowledge that part of you that is in fear or worry and send it love, but it’s always your choice as to how you continue to move about your day.

We can only ever exist from either Fear or Love. Why not choose Love?

In you choosing Love and letting life (emotions, experiences, etc) flow THROUGH you, you release the grip and float into the present moment.

From this present moment, all other moments are created.

You can choose to show yourself compassion in this moment.

As you do so, you open the doorway to share that compassion, love and light with those that you come into contact with on this day.

By you being gentle and loving with yourself, you may never know how your essence of compassion and gentleness could inspire someone in their day.

Maybe you feel more in tune with those around you, and can see through the eyes of Love rather than fear or judgement.

Continue to explore this today, and witness miracles as your love and light spreads to all you connect with.

From there, a ripple effect of compassion is created in the Universe and felt across the planet.

Thank you for shining your light and spreading compassion today.

Allow these words to melt into your heart today and I look forward to sharing Spirit’s channeled message with you tomorrow! Have a beautiful day!!



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