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Fill Your Cup First

I wanted to share a message with you today regarding REST.

It’s normal to feel like we don’t have permission to put ourselves first and fill our cups before taking care of our families, careers, homes, etc…

But when you are in a constant state of giving, giving and giving, the one that will be left with less than, is you.

So how do we make sure to stay in balance with the giving and receiving of life?

Take time to rest.

Rest can look like walking in nature, unplugged, no phone or distractions.

Rest can look like a massage to help unwind and release tension within your body.

Rest can look like taking time in the mornings before your day begins to meditate, journal and drink your coffee slowly.

Rest can look like going to bed 30 minutes earlier while unwinding with tea and soft lighting.

Rest can look like spending time with loved ones that help replenish your Spirit.

Rest can look like taking deep breaths during the day whenever you need it.

Tell me, what are some ways that you can implement more rest for yourself this week?

Taking care of your body, mind and soul first is the priority.

I’m cheering you on!



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