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How A Past Life Regression Reawakened Cell Memories

The life I live now, I have lived before. And I lived it well.

I had never heard of a past life regression until it was suggested to me by a close friend. As I delved deeper into my spirituality, I knew I needed something more to heal my open wounds. Journaling, EMDR, and talk therapy were just not doing it for me anymore. It allowed me to cope, but not truly understand the pain I had experienced. And this pain had cut so deep. Not only was I dealing with generational trauma, but I had been sexually harassed by a family member too. This is when I gracefully spiraled into a deep depression. And no matter how I tried, I couldn’t find myself. There was no way for me to look in the mirror without recognizing my reflection. For months, maybe years, I l was looking for myself in everything I did and everywhere I went. How do you live with a lifetime of pain? How do you begin to understand emotional trauma if you don’t know how it began? I desperately needed to know.

I chose Petey Silveira to conduct my past life regression as I was introduced to her by a close friend. My friend recommended Petey to me as she has been a patient/client? of Petey’s for quite some time. When I met Petey, it was in the late summer of 2020. I was still conflicted by all the changes going on in my life at the time. I have been battling anxiety, depression, PTSD from the emotional trauma from the harassment. I wasn’t one hundred percent at peace with the life obstacles and transitions I was facing all at once. Petey’s presence made me feel calm and safe. I knew I had nothing to worry about. The day of my past life regression appointment, Petey explained what hypnosis was. I had never been hypnotized before, so I had a few reservations. But Petey ensured me all would be fine. And it was. 

Remembering My Past

As I was guided into a deep meditative state, somewhere between conscious and unconscious my life began in a different country. To be specific, I was somewhere in Italy. I remember cobblestone streets and ancient buildings. I jumped to so many significant events in this lifetime. Every event in that life allowed me to live a full life. Not only was I a full-time writer, but I was also a wife, mother, and divorcee. Every event carried me to the next stage in that life. I experienced love, beauty, and pain. I resiliently thrived in every moment of my life. There wasn’t a person or a situation that could have held me back from pursuing my most inner desires. I set the intention and accomplished all the things I wanted for myself. And I did all of it with grace.

Mother and Daughter Dynamics

I have struggled since childhood bonding with my mother, and I never understood why. My relationship with my mother has always been a difficult one. It was evident to other family members too. But it wasn’t until my subconscious mind allowed me to see why. In this past life, I saw myself in my great-grandmother’s house. I was with my mother, and I was going to meet my great-grandmother for the first time, but it wasn’t a pleasant visit. My mother and I left immediately. I still didn’t quite understand it. “Why is my relationship with my mother strained?” is what I needed to know. My spirit guide said, “My mother’s life was a hard one. Her childhood wasn’t easy. She’s carried hurt and pain her entire life.” I had to come to terms with the relationship I had with my mother. By accepting our relationship with unconditional love and boundaries, I can move forward with a sense of inner peace.

Overcoming Emotional Trauma

In this lifetime, the same cousin who caused me so much pain had returned from my previous life. At first, I couldn’t understand why, but my spirit guides help me realize it was because I had to learn how to move on from hurt from family. I needed to learn how to deal with him differently; not punish myself for not knowing how to handle that situation with him. Sure, in that lifetime I would have preferred to tell my family earlier on what had happened to me, but instead, I chose to release and heal. This was the only way I could forgive and move forward in my journey. True forgiveness is about yourself, it’s not so much about the other person who hurt you. And I didn’t quite understand that until my past life regression. You see, emotional pain will eat you alive if you let it. It will consume the best parts of you. While I have done a lot of healing work over the last four years, learning how to forgive was the greatest lesson I learned of all.

Messages From My Grandmother

In this particular past life, I saw my grandmother many times. Once, as a child. Then once, as a young adult when she died and transitioned. And I saw my grandmother once more in between lifetimes. Each and every time her warmth and love surrounded me. In between lives, my grandmother needed me to know I must continue my journey because I will always be okay. I am to always walk forward, not backward. You see I never really knew my grandmother, but I’ve been told she is always protecting me. And because of her protection, I will never drown. Still, I questioned, out of all of my grandmother’s grandchildren, “Why me?” “What made me so special?” My grandmother needed me to know that I am just like her. Equipped with a good heart and equally an empath.

My Life As It is Today

In a past life, I was all the things I am today. Authentic, free-spirited, independent, brave, strong, confident, and adventurous. I was a wanderer, a world traveler, and a writer. How can this be? How can the life I am consciously living now almost mirror the life I once lived in my subconscious mind? Before I underwent past life regression, I had no idea I was going to be all the things I am today. And to see what my life looked like before this one confirms the journey I started. There is no turning back. Because in this moment, I am currently taking the necessary steps to create the life I once had before. A life full of love, laughter, passion, happiness, and adventure.

My past life regression experience was simply beautiful. I can’t believe I recalled so much from a previous life. I was amazed at how vivid my life. I was in awe of my life choices and the freedom I possessed. I was able to understand more about the issues I was dealing with compared to traditional therapy practices I have tried before. And though I was under fore 2.5 hours, Petey said I could have kept going for 3 hours or more. As Petey brought me out of the hypnosis my body felt sunken and heavy. I was emotionally and mentally tired, but only because I was able to access so much of my cell memories.  For me to continue to live my current life as is and to keep growing authentically these memories had to be reawakened. And I’m glad I listened to my inner voice and explored my spirituality enough to know I still needed closure and continuous healing.



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