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How To Create Change In Your Mind, Body and Spirit

It is easy to welcome change when there has been a space and time to prepare for it. Perhaps the theme this month for you can be “welcoming change.” It is important to learn how your mind, body and spirit can prepare for it.

When you clear out space and allow yourself to hear, see and feel new pathways, you are inviting change into your life. This is a very important part of the process, and a crucial piece for your mind, body and spirit connection.

Let’s talk about some of the best ways to create this clearing out in order for positive change to occur.

Creating Space in Your Mind:

  1. Consider that your space around you is representative and symbolic of what you hear in your mind. So this means you must literally clean out your closets, drawers, and rooms in your house. It actually symbolizes to your brain that you’re ready to begin there as well. Take one or two areas a day, and make that space beautiful.

  2. Journal for 15 minutes a day to release cluttered, angry, fearful or unproductive thoughts. This allows for positive, joyful and loving thoughts to fill this space.

  3. Meditate or merely sit within silence for a period of time each day – even for just a minute or two. This becomes a signal that you are ready to listen to new direction or messages.

Creating Space in Your Body:

  1. Consider a fasting or a detoxification plan to release the build up of unhealthy toxins from the holidays or unintentional eating. This cleansing or clearing out in your body will allow your body’s homeostasis to reset itself, and you will be at a peaceful place to feel or see things differently.

  2. Begin moving in some fashion. Whether it’s taking a walk in nature, riding a bike, taking a dance class, or beginning yoga, you are signaling your body to move forward in a healthy direction. It is a very strong symbol to give to yourself.

  3. Pull in something that you’ve creatively decided to give a try. It may be painting, drawing, photography or writing. The beauty and energy you will put into this physically will release a new part of your body and give it new messages of welcoming change.

Creating Space In Your Spirit:

  1. Listen to a guided visualization CD that leads you down a path to remembering. Your soul will thank you as it is now allowed the time and space to bring forth that which it has forgotten. When I take clients back into the womb before we go back further, they are able to experience the wonder and magic of that time.

  2. Go have a hypnotherapy or past-life regression session. Releasing negative cell memories from past lifetimes can allow your spirit to soar. When you are no longer burdened by past lives that have created blocks in this lifetime, you are free to explore new possibilities without anything to interrupt that process.

  3. Write down your dreams, and allow your unconscious to bring forward what has been bothering you beneath the surface. Google to interpret what it means. If you don’t understand the symbolism, then feel the shift in spirit as you are now able to let it go.

Try these powerful techniques, and your ability to welcome change will be around the corner!



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