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Lessons of a Lifetime

Do you ever wonder why you’re in this particular lifetime? Do you ask yourself, “What are the lessons I’m supposed to learn?”

This question often comes up in my work with people. It seems that there is a commonality among our human souls – the characteristic to judge or critique ourselves rather harshly. As I listen to people describe the issues they want to address in their life, I cringe as they give a verbal tongue lashing to THEMSELVES! The only benefit is that it allows me to quickly focus their attention on the power of word choice. Knowing that thought creates behavior, they are sabotaging themselves with each sentence they utter. That leads me to explaining the art of therapeutic reframe, and we’re off!

So why are people so tough on themselves?

Even when I’ve counseled someone in the area of judgment to feel acceptance, tolerance and love for themselves and others, they are still not content. Personally I find their work to be an astonishing success! Through conscious awareness, choice and hopefully some meditation – their long-term patterns of behavior will begin to transform the most ingrained beliefs. Interesting enough, even when people feel success in on area, they become frustrated with another – such as patience, anger or a myriad of other feelings that brought us all back into this most human of lifetimes.

Understanding the issues you’re presently working on and the connection you might have had in a former lifetime is what has motivated me to become a hypnotherapist and learn the technique of past-life regression 23 years ago. It has been an unbelievable tool to help people create the shift in awareness and be able to make new choices in their life!

If you are interested in experiencing your own past-life regression, my  Soul Learners Jumpstart Virtual Course has a module in it expressly designed to guide you back to a past life for healing. I facilitate it to help you jumpstart your own soul healing.

Trust me, there is a reason you are being presented with all of these opportunities for soul growth! Please look at them as just that, opportunities! Remember, if you or I were perfect…we wouldn’t be here, would we?



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