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Power Of Stillness

This week’s message is all about the power in stillness…

So often we may think that in order to feel powerful, strong and capable we must continuously be ON.

What if you were able to simply allow that innate power and strength to rise to the surface in your rest and stillness?

Think about it, sometimes what is needed is not more movement, but rather stillness.

In stillness you can feel the renewal of strength or power that had been lost during a time in your life where you were constantly on, going from point a to point b in autopilot with no end.

Perhaps today and this week you take a step back and sit still within your body.

Sitting still within your breath during meditation or yoga will provide a bountiful blessing to your spirit.

The greatest wisdom will come to you in those moments of sacred stillness.

No words, no movements, no actions are needed to feel your inner wisdom rise to the surface.

From here, may you receive the clarity you were searching for, the hope you were praying for and the peace you were destined for.

Be still and know that you are loved.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week if you are in the states. <3



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