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Silence is Sacred

Thank you for being here with me today!

We often fight moments of stillness in our busy day to day lives, perhaps it’s due to the constant movement from point a to point b to point c – but stillness and silence is where the real healing and magic happens.

It’s often in silence where we can hear the whispers of Spirit come forth to provide insight, guidance and even inspiration with whatever may be showing up for you on your journey.

In silence, you can feel the connection to all of Life. You can connect to ones that have passed on, you can connect to your spirit guides and angels, you can even connect to the benevolent energies that are present in the trees and wind.

Spirit is felt wherever you turn, when you arrive from a place of stillness with an open heart.

I invite you today to find some time in your schedule to place a 10 minute “Stillness Break” into your day.

It may consist of listening to specific binaural beats or frequencies (my favorite is 528hz!), perhaps you spend those 10 minutes outside in nature completely unplugged from your phone or computer to just receive the healing from the bird songs and wind.

Even if you live in a busy area, you can use the sounds you hear to drop you deeper into stillness as you tune in and focus to each sound you hear… both near and far!

Tend to yourself today with stillness and notice what comes forth.

You may opt in to journal your thoughts or feelings following these 10 minutes of silence and maybe return to this sacred space again this week.



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