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Some Favorite Meditation Techniques

I have written previous posts on very specific types of meditations, such as mindfulness, compassion, and silence meditations. One may resonate more with your body, mind, and spirit than another.

In this post, I’ve described briefly some additional techniques you can try in order to be at your peaceful place. Being at peace is the greatest gift you can give yourself in this lifetime!

Walking Meditation

This is truly one of my most favorite meditation practices! I’ve used it personally for years while walking my golden retriever Ally in the woods by our house. While she is free to run and explore the sights and smells in the woods, I am released to focus my mind while walking. It may take a little bit of time to practice this and not be distracted, but once you learn it, you feel very much at peace. This specific type of meditation has you focusing on your own feet. If your mind begins to wander away from your steps, just refocus it once again.

Once you become practiced at it, you can do this meditation anywhere! I love to do it while walking on the beach or through mountain trails. Even if there are other people around, as you focus and pay attention to your breath and the feeling of your feet as they touch the sand, it brings you to the meditative state you’re seeking that day.

Journey or Guided Meditation

This type of meditation has also become a favorite of mine. It involves visualizing a peaceful place that you have been before and taking a journey in your mind to release any possible anxiety, stress, tension, or fatigue while there.

New Pathway to Healing

I have enjoyed producing two CDs of guided meditations for others to use. One is entitled “Peace: A Guided Meditation for Finding Your Path,” and the one is entitled “Your Soul’s Purpose: Guided Meditations.” You can click on the CD title for more information and to purchase them today!

It often helps to focus on someone else’s voice and chosen music as they take you to a place of peace and tranquility.

Yoni Mudra

This is a very different meditation technique that can help you achieve a spiritual calm while you are improving mental clarity. It is basically an exercise where all of your senses are withdrawn. When you are able to control the senses from stimuli in your everyday life, you can concentrate more fully on becoming at peace.

Follow these specific steps:

  1. Close your ears with your thumbs.

  2. Use your index fingers to cover your eyes.

  3. Then, use your middle fingers to pinch your nostrils.

  4. Press your lips together with your remaining fingers.

  5. While meditating, release your middle fingers as you gently inhale and exhale.

Meditation Music

Some people choose to use meditation music to go deeper into a theta brainwave state where relaxation and peacefulness can be accessed. This is different than the guided visualization because there are no words. Certain music is developed specifically for the meditator to move into a deepened state of relaxation through the use of particular chords. The one aspect that the various types of meditation music have in common is the number of beats per minute, which plays a vital role in altering your brainwaves.

Listening to meditation music is another mind exercise that is also known as “brainwave entrapment.” This is literally training your mind to listen to the music that slows your mind into the alpha state that is an extremely relaxed state of consciousness. (Your mind is normally in the beta state in conscious awareness.)

As you continue to practice this technique and use the appropriate meditation music, you will eventually achieve the theta state, which is deeper still. It allows you to be in a completely restful place, and you may even fall into sleep without knowing it.

Steven Halpern

Some of the most popular types of meditation music can be found in nature, the ocean, rivers, waterfalls, and bamboo wind chimes blowing in the breeze. Even certain classical music, such as Mozart, will help you relax and release your stress.

I had Steven Halpern as a guest on my New Pathway To Healing radio show. He has created and produced specific music that opens up your theta brainwaves and enhances your meditative state. Click here to listen to how he does this and some pieces of his music. The fundamental goal of meditation is to achieve enlightenment and peace through the union of the mind, body, and soul.

My wish is that one of the techniques of meditation I’ve described in this series will take you to that beautiful place of silence and peace.




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