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The Biggest Change in My Life!

I would like to share with you one of the biggest changes that I have made in my life.

It began 29 years ago when I facilitated my first past-life regression session with my client. Jennifer was the person that inspired me to write “Stepping Into My Happiest Lifetime,” which is the journey of her healing and messages from the masters she met between lifetimes. I have posted the first couple of chapters on my blog previously so you could get a feel of what happens during past-life regression.

New Pathway to Healing

Photo By Ron Silveira

But my change began during the actual session with her. She left a past life and told me she was being drawn towards the light. As I went with her to this place of rejuvenation and further healing from the previous lifetime, she began to speak of seeing a master who had messages for her. Believe me, I was on the edge of my seat as she moved closer, and I began to write down everything she was saying that he was telling her.

One of the things that struck me, in particular, was the difference in the manner she was speaking that was far removed from how Jennifer spoke when in a conscious state. She was saying words like “thee” and “your people” and using other phrases that were part of the messages she was receiving and very different than the normal manner she spoke. The messages varied as she ended up speaking with several different masters. There was a Master of Feelings, a Master of Thinking, and several others. Each one spoke to her issues in a different manner.

I was captivated and wrote everything down fast and furiously. Even though I was taping her, I knew that sometimes she spoke so softly when in this deep trance state that the microphone couldn’t pick up her voice. I didn’t want to miss a thing!

So as I’m writing, one of the masters told her that they had a message for me, Petey. My heart skipped a beat as I continued to take notes. This client didn’t know anything about my personal life, yet the master gave me private messages pertaining to specific things in my life. They also spoke to the need for me to write a book about this experience. The master explained this would be a gift to humanity and would open their eyes to new vistas of thinking, feeling, and hearing about issues in their own lives. They explained what the front of the book would look like, the title, and how it was to be written.

I was fascinated! I had not done any writing on any topic to date. I had always loved to write, but the practice of therapy kept me quite busy, along with raising children!

But I listened! It took nearly 12 years and receiving messages from various clients along the way that finally made me take the time and begin this journey to write the book.

What was the biggest change I made? I decided I wanted to receive messages and not wait for my clients to give them to me sporadically. Doing past-life regression was supposed to be healing for them, not for me! So I began to ask to receive messages myself! I started meditating on a daily basis 15 years ago, and guess what? I received messages!

Of course, having found my love of writing prompted me to write all about this in my book that made its publishing debut last year, “Guided By The Truth, Honoring The Light Within.It is downloaded completely from spirit to help you remember the other side!

The BIGGEST change I ever made in my life and for which I am most thankful!

New Pathway to Healing Connect to Mind – Body – Spirit with Petey Silveira



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