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The Magic is in the Waiting…

Today’s message is all about the magic that can be found in the waiting.

Whenever we share with the Universe our quiet stirrings of our hearts, we must know we are heard!

Yet we won’t always receive what our hearts desire in the blink of an eye (although sometimes that can happen, too!)

There will be times throughout your journey where the biggest blessings won’t come in the delivery of your hearts desire… but in the space in between.

You set your intention, you know that you’ve been heard, but before your intention or hearts desire can come into fruition, there is a space in between.

That space in between can make or break how you receive your manifestation.

If you find yourself in that in-between space, waiting and twiddling your thumbs, maybe exhausted or frustrated at the perceived delay you’re experiencing… what if you flipped your perspective and used this “waiting period” to strengthen your trust in the Universe?

What if your manifestation is right around the corner, coming in like Amazon’s 2 day delivery? But.. if you kept the attitude of frustration or complaining, wouldn’t receiving your gift from the Universe feel not so good?

I invite you to reframe and shift your perspective to one of gratitude and excitement because in the past you’ve always received your manifestation, if not that, then something better, right?

Think back to a time where you waited for what felt like lifetimes for something to come into fruition, and when you finally received it, you were grateful for what you learned along the way.

What is this current moment of waiting here to teach you? Is it trust? Is it patience? Is it grace or compassion?Whatever it is, know this: if you set the intention, you have been heard and the Universe is already taking care of it behind the scenes.. all that’s left for you is to wait in gratitude for your manifestation to actualize in divine timing.

That’s it!(I know, easier said than done.)You can do this!

Until next week… Have a beautiful day!!

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