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This week’s message is all about continuing to move forward on your path in this lifetime.

It can be confusing and almost discouraging at times when you’re not sure whether or not the path you’re traveling is the path you’re meant to be on.

How do we know for certain which path is for our highest good?

I believe it’s through being present that we can hear the whispers of Spirit reminding us that we are exactly where we are meant to be.

Or maybe you come in contact with someone you haven’t spoken to in ages and are reminded of the growth and healing you’ve experienced over the course of your lifetime from that point to this point.

Or maybe it’s a continual practice of accepting life’s winding roads with grace and trust that all is happening as it should.

What if we were able to take the pressure off of ourselves in moments of confusion or lack of direction?

There is no need to suffer from lack of clarity, in fact, in this moment you can reframe your uncertainty into developing greater trust in yourself.

Remember, you never have to walk the journey alone.

You’ve got Spirit, friends, community and loved ones there to help support you along your beautiful path.

May you find gratitude for where your feet are planted today, placing one foot in front of the other for the rest of the day until you reach the end of this day and look back at all the blessings and healings you’ve experienced.

Then you get to do it all again tomorrow.

And the next day.

And the next day.

Until you reach the end of this lifetime and can look back see just how beautiful your unique pathway in this lifetime turned out to be.

Not regretting a single step, for each step served it’s purpose throughout the walk of your life.

And so it is.



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