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What dream is still on your heart?

Today’s message is all about trusting that your life is still unfolding in perfect timing.

We can get excited about our future goals, visions, dreams and manifestations yet to come… when we see them in our minds and plant the seeds in our lives, there is nothing quite like the excitement that is felt!

Yet over some time on your journey towards that goal or dream, we can get discouraged when life throws us curveballs or when we fall into a space of limiting beliefs.

That’s not to say that the goal or dream has just gone POOF, but more often than not it’s where we can exercise our faith and trust muscles… building our daily trust requires us to be devoted to ourselves in the way in which Spirit or the Universe is devoted to assisting us in our goals and dreams to come into fruition.

When was the last time you gave up on a dream? Maybe it’s currently? Could this be a moment in time where you could once again begin watering the seed that you planted a long time ago to reignite and resurrect the once dying flower into a blossoming flower with your intentions of faith and trust?

If that dream is still on your heart, it’s because it’s meant to be there.

Give yourself grace for allowing fear or doubt to take over the blossoming of this dream, but know that it’s time now to release the fear to make room for faith and trust.

That’s sometimes all you need, then all will lay out in front of you as you take the steps closer and closer towards your goal/vision/dream.

Are you ready to get up and keep going?

I know you can do this.

You are so divinely supported along your path!

& so it is! Have a beautiful day!!

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