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You are already abundant.

Today’s message is all about seeing how abundant you already are.

You read that right. You are ALREADY abundant.

We seem to have forgotten that we live in an abundant universe, that we are living and walking beings of abundance and that abundance is our natural state!

So then why does it sometimes feel like the opposite?

Why does it sometimes feel like there’s not enough, or that we are not enough just as we are?

A four letter word… that can be shifted anytime you desire…



Lack has a tricky way of getting us to feel like we somehow do not have the adequate resources needed to live, thrive and be taken care of in this physical 3D world!

Yet when we zoom out such as in meditation or yoga, we can then feel just how limitless everything really is!

Think about it, right now you are breathing in an abundance of oxygen to your lungs.

You’re reading this likely on an electronic screen meaning that there is financial abundance present in your life to even have this device in your hand!

You may have already had your morning coffee, showing you that there is an abundance of time that exists for you to enjoy each sip of coffee every day.

Are you beginning to see the common thread?

Abundance is E V E R Y W H E R E.

Yet we’ve been conditioned to look at what we /don’t/ have.

Well, I’m here to remind you today to look at and amplify what you /do/ have… and let that be a magnet for greater resources, opportunities, time, adventures, finances, health, relationships, healing and joy to flow easily and effortlessly into your life.

Affirm: “Just for today, I focus on the abundance that exists in my life and release worries, fears and anxiety.”

And so it is.



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