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You can do big things.

Today’s message is all about trusting that you are capable of great things. It’s not often we have time to really reflect on where we’ve been, but for today, I’m inviting you to look back at all the wondrous things you’ve been a part of over the course of your lifetime. To look back and review where you’ve been will allow you to feel inspired and confident that where you are going is meant for you! Yes, it can feel a little scary sometimes to be on the brink of a beautiful life change, but what if you knew right away that no matter what, your feet would be planted on solid ground? That no matter what, you’d be supported, protected and guided to always make the “perfect” moves at the “perfect” time… What do I mean by this?I mean listening and taking action when that inner voice tells you to connect with someone, or to read a specific book, or to go to a different coffee shop than before because you never know what might be on the other side of your comfort zone. You might meet someone influential for this season of your life or you may receive insight and inspiration for exactly what you needed to hear. All we can trust is that our next steps don’t have to be big leaps, they can simply be one foot in front of the other and eventually you’ll find yourself on new territory – shining your light for all to bear witness. I challenge you today to make a mental or written “life review” specifically highlighting the times where you did “the thing” that scared you the most in that season of your life. Only to be reminded how courageous, brave and capable you are of BIG things!! Affirm: I allow my light to shine along the pathway of my life as I courageously take one step after the other towards my biggest dreams. & so it is!  Have a beautiful day!!
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