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Your Questions About Past-Life Regression

I thought I would share with you some of the most typical questions I’m asked by people either in my practice or by email that don’t require terribly long responses!

Can you do past-life regression on yourself?

It is possible for people to either listen to certain CD’s that lead you to a past-life memory or there are certain “scripts” available in books that you could read yourself to move back to a past life. The problem in not using a licensed therapist trained in past-life regression is when people go back to a traumatic incident. People often regress to a very painful death or trauma, and the “script” doesn’t speak specifically to the healing work that needs to be done to either bring closure, forgiveness, peace or acceptance to this cell memory. So the result can be frustrating for many.

It is better to start with a guided visualization CD as many of them lead you to a hypnotic state where you can learn to allow your subconscious to move forward. This is specifically how I produced my Guided Visualizations CDs on “Peace” and “Your Soul’s Purpose.

I also created my Soul Learners Jumpstart LIVE 10 Day Mini Course (sign up for the next rounds waiting list here) and now available as a Virtual Self Study Course that includes a guided past-life regression module facilitated by me for you to experience going back in time to a past life and experience the healing journey.

Can souls actually “split?”

It doesn’t happen often, but it is possible for a soul to split and have more than one experience at the same time. This usually happens when there has been a request by them to have accelerated learning opportunities. I have only regressed one client in 21 years where she had a parallel life. It definitely helped to explain why she was so extremely tired and fatigued all the time. But as with everything else, there was a reason!

Are you still able to communicate with a loved one even if their soul has already reincarnated?

Yes. Even if that seems impossible, it is. Souls of your loved ones often can reincarnate, but their spirit always is still available in the spiritual world. Your soul is much more than your physical body, so it does not have the same boundaries or restrictions of space or time as the physical body.

Do all souls reincarnate or are some finished after this lifetime?

Most souls do reincarnate. Very few achieve all the lessons they came to this life to learn. There are some highly evolved souls that don’t have to come back, but who actually choose to in order to serve as teachers to others.

Do souls reincarnate immediately?

It is many and varied as to the timeline people have decided on when to reincarnate. Some choose to come back immediately, but the majority of souls take much more time. Upon the life review on transitioning, there may need to be a long period of reflection so this in-between state can seem to last a long time. Souls may also choose to go to classes and “school” to choose circumstances and variables differently in their next lifetime.

I am now facilitating past-life regressions via Zoom/Skype and by phone around the world. Here’s the latest testimonial from a young woman I did past-last regression with via Skype.

“I had my first Past-Life Regression over Skype a few weeks ago. I had some nervous energy wondering how the connection would be online rather than in person, but as soon as I laid down, closed my eyes and heard Petey’s voice, all those little butterflies floated away. It felt as if Petey was sitting right beside me, and I was completely safe to let go.

I have a lot of fear in this lifetime and wanted to Petey to take me back to a past life to understand where it all started. I immediately went to the lifetime where I was in the Nazi concentration camps. I could feel the tears rolling down my face, hear the screams of my children being ripped away from me and see the terror before me. I felt so many real emotions, but Petey helped me to be an observer of this lifetime, so that I didn’t have to relive the physical pain. She helped me to heal on so many levels. I loved how she guided me between lifetimes to receive healing messages directly from my spirit guide. I can say that it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life – or any life for that matter!

For the past couple of weeks I have been processing the entire experience. I feel like the healing is settling into my core, and I feel an overall sense of lightness. Petey helped me to find greater awareness in this life and make sense of the fear I had been carrying with me. I cannot wait to connect with Petey again for another Past-Life Regression.”

Katie Stone from Melbourne, Australia

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email at:

More questions and answers to follow! As you can see it’s an interesting topic!



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