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Mind, Body, & Soul

Costa Rica May 13-18 2024


Heal Pain and Transform Trauma
Through Past-Life Regression Therapy To Realign The Mind, Body, Spirit Connection


May 12-18, 2024


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Meet The Past-Life Regression Expert

Past-life regression therapist, spiritual healer, motivational speaker, therapy unfiltered podcast co-host, author, co-founder of Soul Journeys Retreats, and founder of The Soul Learners Membership, Soul Learner Courses, and the Soul Coach Training Program.

"Petey is a master teacher in this lifetime!"

Past Workshop Attendee

Step into Petey's world

Over 35 Years of Practice in Holistic Spiritual Therapy & Teaching

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The Top Rated Podcast

The Mother Daughter duo sharing raw, authentic insights from the chair with your hosts Petey and Sarah.

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Newley Launched!

Soul Learner Course

I love using my spiritual lens to teach this course. It is similar to you swimming underwater in the ocean as the brilliance of the sun reflects down through the top of the water to light the path around where you are swimming. “What was dark becomes light.” I’d love to have you join me!

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Soul Journeys with Petey & Sarah

Join Petey Silveira and Sarah Burnett for a soul-nourishing experience at the NEXT retreat in Costa Rica May 12-18 2024.

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The wait is over...

It was a privilege to be chosen as one of three therapists to co-host a retreat for 5 couples on the hit TLC 90-Day Fiance series, “The Last Resort.” TLC was particularly interested in my therapeutic tools using Past-Life and Between Life Regression to help clarify issues for couples. They also loved my Soul Lessons that I teach in the Soul Learners Beginner and Advanced Courses that you can access on my website. 

It is always fascinating each time I facilitate Regressions! As I lead two of the co-stars of the series on this journey of self-discovery through past life and between life regression it became crystal clear to them both why they had agreed to take this journey together in this lifetime. Exploring their soul contract when in the space between lifetimes allowed them to gain a new frame of reference from a mind, body and spirit perspective which then reflected in the choices they made going forward on the show!


This was a great cast! They embraced these therapeutic approaches with an open mind even though the majority of them had ever heard of Past-life regression. By the end of the series, everyone was requesting this level of healing from wanting hypnosis with me. More of this to come with other couples! 

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Join Petey Silveira and co-star therapists as they review each episode and tackle relationship challenges, offering guidance and tools to overcome obstacles. From cultural differences to infidelity, they provide valuable insight and support to listeners.

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Have you ever wondered?

What is Past-life Regression Therapy?

Let me introduce you to the incredible world of past-life regression therapy. It's a profound healing modality that I've had the privilege of being trained in by the renowned Dr. Brian Weiss, author of Many Lives, Many Masters. Through this transformative approach, we journey back in time, uncovering the memories and experiences of our past lifetimes.


Imagine peering through a window into the tapestry of your soul's history. Past life regression therapy allows us to explore the vast depths of our being and discover the patterns, relationships, and lessons that transcend time. It's like unlocking the secrets of your soul's journey, connecting the dots between your past and present. Click below to learn more about past life regression therapy!

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Join us for a transformational

Retreat Experience in the Costa Rican Jungle

A 6-day, 5 night immersive mind, body and spirit retreat for you to release blocks, get unstuck and reawaken to your life with clarity, passion and pure joy.

Introduction to Past-Life Regression

The Power of the Subconscious Mind

Understanding the Origin of Homeostasis

The Purpose of Soul Lessons

Past-Life Regression 

Between-Life Regression

Meditation and Yoga

Guided Thai Bodywork and Introduction to AcroYoga

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with a Soul Coach!

Are you looking for a guide on your spiritual journey?
Soul Coaches are professionals trained by Petey to provide you with the guidance, tools, and techniques to assist you in exploring your spiritual path, deepening your self-awareness, and integrating spiritual principles into your daily life.

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